DIY Fire Drill at home

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    Prevention of fires

    • Most fires are caused through the carelessness or negligence of people. The use of defective electrical appliances and inappropriate use of electrical appliances are major causes of fires. Use of the stove requires particular care. You should also be careful when handling an open flame. Inspect the potential fire hazards in your home:

    • Fact: Heavy drinking causes a risk to fire safety Of those who die a fire death, 70% are under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants. In terms of fire safety, heavy drinking and smoking make a hazardous combination.

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    Fire precautions

    • Fire safety equipment can keep you safe in the event of a fire. Fire safety equipment includes smoke detectors, stove guards and automatic fire sprinkler systems. You should fit a smoke detector in each bedroom and along your exit routes.

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    Rescue Plan

    • In the event of a fire, you must be able to exit the building quickly and safely. You should know how to use first-line extinguishing equipment. Prepare a rescue plan with your children.

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    Escape drill in the event of a fire in your home

    • You must be able to escape from a room on fire within at least 2–3 minutes from the time the fire ignited. It is everyone's responsibility to tell those in danger of a fire, to raise the alarm, and take rescue measures according to their ability. You should practice escaping from a fire. That way you will know what to do in the real event of a fire.

    • Important additional information can be found in the housing company's rules and regulations and rescue plan.

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